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Breaking and entering — Fayette Township, Thursday, electric wiring missing from unoccupied home, drywall damaged.

Breaking and entering — 6200 block County Road 1, South Point, 8 a.m. Friday, copper and tool stolen from residence.

Theft — 200 block Township Road 1336, South Point, 4 a.m. Friday, motorcycle stolen from front yard of residence.

Theft — 8400 block State Route 243, South Point, 7:30 a.m. Friday, truck stolen from residence.

Domestic violence — 1600 block County Road 31, Chesapeake, 11:38 p.m. Friday, man and woman allegedly arguing, woman allegedly scratched man’s throat, Tara Garcia, 40, of same residence, arrested.

Possession of drugs, drug abuse — Walmart, 1:25 a.m. Saturday, man and woman in parking in lot, woman allegedly snorting drugs, man allegedly had Xanax pills, Jason Adams, of 6 Private Drive 200, Chesapeake, and Crystal Spears, 27, of 244 Township Road 287 North, Chesapeake, arrested.

Petty theft — Tractor Supply, South Point, 5:16 p.m. Friday, two push mowers stolen from outside lot.

Domestic violence — 7900 block of County Road 1, South Point, 6:15 p.m. Saturday, woman allegedly slapped and hit live-in boyfriend, Davina Mullins, 30, of the same address, arrested.

Domestic violence, vandalism — Speedway, South Point, 8:12 a.m. Sunday, woman alleged man chased her in the store and was scared of him, man allegedly not cooperating with questioning so officer place him in cruiser, man allegedly knocked window out of the cruiser, Shawntique Whitfield, 25, of 601 Newsome St., Ashland, Ky., arrested.

Petty theft — 500 block Rockwood Ave., Chesapeake, 2 p.m. Sunday, laptop stolen from residence.

Petty theft — 800 block Township Road 130 A, South Point, 9 a.m. Monday, two chainsaws stolen from barn loft.

Assault — 1400 block County Road 18, South Point, 5:17 p.m. Monday, woman allegedly slapped another woman, fight ensued, paperwork sent to prosecutor’s office for review.

Assault — 40 block Township Road 124, Chesapeake, 7:20 p.m. Monday, man allegedly went to another man’s house and punched him in the mouth, fight ensued, paperwork sent to prosecutor’s office for review.

Making false alarms, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct — 40 block Township Road 124, Chesapeake, 10:57 p.m. Monday, woman, allegedly intoxicated, called in a false domestic violence report, when deputies tried to take woman into custody, she allegedly struggled and refused to walk on her own, Mariah Holder, 30, of same address, arrested.