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Village looks to prevent future thefts

COAL GROVE — After last week’s break-in at the water plant, the Village of Coal Grove is focused on theft prevention.

Coal Grove Police Chief Eric Spurlock said at Tuesday night’s village council meeting there are still no leads as to who broke into the water plant’s outbuilding at and stole several items.

“I’d like to see us put cameras over there,” Spurlock said. “We really need them.”

Items stolen from the building were three weedeaters, three concrete saws and 2-inch brass fittings. The thief attempted to take a battery and a catalytic converter from a village vehicle but those items were left behind.

Spurlock told council he entered all the stolen items in the NCIC database and called scrap and pawn shops to alert them.

Councilman Tim Sexton recommended moving the tools and other items from the building at the water plant to the former, citing that the building is in a less isolated area.

“I think we ought to entertain moving stuff over there,” Sexton said.

Mayor Larry McDaniel said the building has an alarm on it and the old jail cell could be used for storage.

“Let’s do that ASAP,” said Councilwoman Juelda Collins.

In other business of the village:

• McDaniel said it had been suggested to him to move the site of the dumpsters for future cleanup days.

Mark Dean of the village’s water works said dumpsters at the water plant could leak chemicals into the water supply if someone were to dump illegally during the night. He suggested moving dumpsters to the impound lot where they could be locked up at night.

McDaniel also suggested putting a limit on how much people can dump on cleanup days, saying one person dumped brokendown trailer at the spring cleanup days earlier this month.

“We try to convenience people, then they take advantage of you,” the mayor said.

Sexton also had an idea for future cleanup days. He suggested keeping a separate dumpster for discarded scrap metal to be taken to a salvage yard for the village.

“We might actually make money on it,” Sexton said.

• McDaniel informed council about $3,150 has been donated to the village for the annual Fourth of July fireworks display. The Coal Grove Betterment Club has also raised about $1,200 to contribute.