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Chesapeake turns down grant; not beneficial

CHESAPEAKE — Chesapeake Village Council voted not to accept an Eyes on The River grant at its Monday night meeting.

The $25,000 grant was to fund security cameras for the bridges in the village. ConnectLink had applied for the grant in 2008 for Chesapeake and other communities and agencies.

The village was just notified and given only six weeks to spend the money.

“The time frame is real restrictive,” Chesapeake Mayor Dick Gilpin said. “You have to spend the money by July 31. Usually (with grants) you have a year to bid it out.”

Also adding the cameras could be an unnecessary expense to the village, Gilpin said.

“If we have $100 in our budget we would rather fix a traffic light rather than a camera,” he said. “We are going to spend our money in a way that would be more beneficial to our village.”

Right now Ohio Department of Transportation engineers are surveying drainage on Rockwood Avenue.

“Some of the drains are plugged up and we are trying to get the state to clean them out,” Gilpin said. “

In other action the village:

• Hired Scott Hatfield as a police officer;

• Set up a committee for the upcoming Labor Day celebration;

• Passed a motion to set up a stop sign at the intersection at Symmes Creek Road.