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Ironton native J.B. Miller returns to Tri-State air waves


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — A very familiar voice is returning to the Tri-State air waves.

J.B. Miller has accepted a position at Big Buck Country 101.5 FM radio. He begins his 6-10 a.m. “Miller in The Morning,” program Monday, July 2.

“We are excited to have J.B. join our family, here at Kindred Communications,” said Mike Kirtner, president of Kindred Communications. “Our Big Buck Country 101.5 listeners can now wake up weekday mornings, listening to not only the music they grew up with, but also with the legendary voice and personality, they grew up with in the Tri-State.”

In addition to the radio program, Miller will continue to maintain his management role at the Huntington Area Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.

“I love the work that I’m doing with the Huntington Area Habitat for Humanity,” Miller said. “I’m looking forward to continuing the growth of the ReStore and I’m really looking forward to having a regular radio program again. It’s a passion of mine that I have missed greatly.”

“I was born at Holzer, in Gallipolis, and pretty much spent my entire radio career in the Tri-State. I’m looking forward to broadcasting all up and down the Ohio Valley.”