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Woodland Cemetery rules are not disrespectful

As I read another complaint about the rules concerning the veterans section of Woodland Cemetery I feel I have to say, “Give it a rest people.”

I have a father, a grandfather and two uncles buried in the veterans section. At one time, I must admit, I felt the same way about not being able to leave flowers on for an extended period beyond the two days during Memorial Day weekend.

I have even failed to remove an expensive spray that I had made at a local flower shop and was upset at first when I arrived on the Wednesday to find they had already been removed.

But I knew the rules and the rules are there for a reason. It is not to irritate family members of the veterans.

The veterans section is beautiful when they are all alike, especially with the flags flying.

I am so past being upset over the short time the decorations are on the graves and so should you.

My father, grandfather, and uncles knew the rules were there and were completely OK with them or they would not have requested to be buried with the other soldiers.

If you have the need to do something why not clean your veteran’s stone or just sit among our brave soldiers and reflect on all they have given this country? I do this and find it very peaceful.

Mary Beth Carter, Ironton