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All-SOC Baseball & Softball

Southern Ohio Conference

2012 Baseball All-Conference

Division I

First Team

Cody Myers (Symmes Valley), Mitch Corn (Symmes Valley), Alec Herrell (Symmes Valley), Tyler Noel (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Brad Pierron (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Cody Bruce (Green), Colton Brammer (Green), Robert Russell (Western), Justin Crager (Sciotoville East), Eli Kelley (Portsmouth Clay), Aaron Satterfield (Pike Eastern), Levi Horsley (New Boston)

Second Team

Tanner Mays (Symmes Valley), D.J. Miller (Symmes Valley), Michael Mader (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Matthew Malone (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Mike Avery (Green), Colton Ross (Western), Shain Seibert (Sciotoville East), Dustin Fitch (Portsmouth Clay), Tyler Edler (Pike Eastern), Trey Branham (New Boston)

SOC I Champions — Symmes Valley (13-1)

SOC I Player of the Year — Tyler Noel (Portsmouth Notre Dame)

SOC I Pitcher of the Year — Mitch Corn (Symmes Valley)

SOC I Coach of the Year — Kevin Noel (Portsmouth Notre Dame)


Division II

First Team

Austin Hall (Wheelersburg), Austin Boyer (Wheelersburg), Derek Moore (Wheelersburg), Taylor Bailey (Portsmouth West), Tas Shupert (Portsmouth West), Pat Riehl (Valley), Luke Keller (Valley), Zach Corcoran (Waverly), Tyler Sanford (Minford), Drew Haislop (Oak Hill), Kyle Simon (Northwest), Denver Fuller (South Webster)

Second Team

Alex Shears (Wheelersburg), Ben Arnold (Wheelersburg), Luke Morgan (Portsmouth West), Daulton Kenyon (Portsmouth West), Tyler Rowe (Valley), Shandan Hitchens (Waverly), Levi Jenkins (Minford), Tyler Walls (Oak Hill), Wyatt Bazler (Northwest), Andrew Salisbury (South Webster)

SOC II Champions — Wheelersburg (14-0)

SOC II Player of the Year — Austin Hall (Wheelersburg)

SOC II Pitcher of the Year — Derek Moore (Wheelersburg)

SOC II Coach of the Year — Chris Rapp (Portsmouth West)

SOC II Records — Wheelersburg (14-0), Portsmouth West (11-3), Valley (10-4), Waverly (8-6), Minford (6-8), Oak Hill (5-9), Northwest (2-12), South Webster (0-14)

2012 Softball All-Conference

Division I

First Team

Jordan Jenkins (Portsmouth Clay), Autumn Griffith (Portsmouth Clay), Marissa Messer (Portsmouth Clay), Katie Kayser (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Madi Phillips (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Haley Fisher (Sciotoville East), Jessie Monroe (Sciotoville East), Jenna Crawford (Green), Kala Hall (Western), Katie Hill (Symmes Valley), Madison Knipp (Pike Eastern), Meaghan Nylund (New Boston)

Second Team

Emily Spriggs (Portsmouth Clay), Mariah Tackett (Portsmouth Clay), Katie Stevenson (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Miranda Pauley (Portsmouth Notre Dame), Brooklyn Meadows (Sciotoville East), Erin Imes (Green), Alexis Coulson (Western), Hannah Maynard (Symmes Valley), Alley Tackett (Pike Eastern), Danielle Yantis (New Boston)

SOC I Champions — Portsmouth Clay (13-1)

SOC I Player of the Year — Autumn Griffith (Portsmouth Clay)

SOC I Pitcher of the Year — Jordan Jenkins (Portsmouth Clay)

SOC I Coaches of the Year — Jason Gearheart (Portsmouth Clay) and Adam Bailey (Sciotoville East)

SOC I Records — Portsmouth Clay (13-1), Portsmouth Notre Dame (12-2), Sciotoville East (9-4), Green (7-7), Western (6-8), Symmes Valley (5-8), Pike Eastern (3-11), New Boston (0-14)

DIvision II

First Team

Brooke Cooper (Valley), Braiden Dillow (Valley), Kayla Koch (Valley), Alex Ridout (Portsmouth West), Kayla Webb (Portsmouth West), Abbi Sparks (Wheelersburg), Taylor Dempsey (Wheelersburg), Lyndsay Ward (Waverly), Kayla Riffe (Waverly), Kelsey Conkey (Minford), Emily Jordan (South Webster), Tiffany Conley (Northwest), Alex Kuhn (Oak Hill)

Second Team

Emily Richards (Valley), Ashley Webb (Valley), Kacie Callihan (Portsmouth West), McKenzie Irwin (Portsmouth West), Brianna Seek (Wheelersburg), Kelsie Mays (Waverly), Nicole Jacko (Minford), Erin Homerosky (South Webster), Rachel Moos (Northwest), Miranda Melvin (Oak Hill)

SOC II Champions — Valley (14-0)

SOC II Player of the Year — Brooke Cooper (Valley)

SOC II Pitcher of the Year — Braiden Dillow (Valley)

SOC II Coach of the Year — Monte Spriggs (Valley)

SOC II Records — Valley (14-0), Portsmouth West (10-4), Wheelersburg (9-5), Waverly (9-5), Minford (NA), South Webster (3-11), Northwest (2-12), Oak Hill (2-12)