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Obama will destroy nation in four more years

I truly wish that columnist Jim Crawford knew what he was talking about on “Obamacare” and just how it has “helped” us senior citizens.

Again, there were back door deals that Obama made with drug companies, senators, representatives, and those who supported it. My health care costs have gone up, not down. Some drugs have gone from tier 1 to tier 3, costing me 20 to 35 percent more than last year.

Also, he has “helped” the seniors by cutting $500 billion out of Medicare, and conveniently, after this election any person who is over 75 years of age can no longer get stents unless you can pay for them. This wasn’t to come out until after the election.

However some have read most of the things that will happen to seniors. If you need surgery, and you are over 65, you will have to be approved by a medical board or pay for it yourself.

This is the truth of “Obamacare” that you were not supposed to find out until after the election. Then it is kiss the senior citizens goodbye. I guess we are beyond any good anyway, so we can go ahead and die.

Talking about the Republicans not helping Obama, well until the last election, Obama said the Democrats were in control and they don’t have to listen to the Republicans. They got no input in “Obamacare.” So don’t blame the Republicans now for not giving Obama his way.

The only thing that I can say to you is that Obama is ruining this country. Yes, ruining it. What has he done in the three plus years that he has been in office except blame Bush?

Never has he admitted that his policies are bankrupting this country.

So, go to the polls on election day and vote to give him four more years in which he can totally destroy this country.

No, I’m not a racist. And if you have read my other letters you will see I firmly disagreed with Bush on many things that hurt our country.

Homer Campbell