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Summer time to focus on fun, safety

Although Memorial Day usually gets all the attention, today marks the official first day of summer. That brings fun, sun and a host of potential dangers.

Children are out of school. Families are planning vacations. And people are simply out and about a lot more this time of year. It becomes increasingly important for parents — and truly anyone in our community — to be aware of the dangers that are out there for children who are unsupervised and adults who simply take safety for granted.

Here are a few:

Sun — You do not need to be a physician to know that prolonged exposure to the sun can be particularly dangerous. Using sunscreen early and often is very important for adults and children alike.

Heat — With the summer sun blazing, heat stroke is always a health concern for young and old. The key is to avoid the peak hours of the day, stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks.

Water — Almost everyone will want to cool off by the pool or the lake sometime as this summer really heats up. Water safety should never be taken lightly or overlooked. Children of all ages should never be left unsupervised and adults should be cautious, especially when alcohol is involved.

Fireworks — The Fourth of July is just around the corner. Many people like to ring in the holiday with a bang. Using some common sense and caution can help ensure a happy holiday. Always use fireworks in clear areas, away from flammable items. Children should never be left unsupervised and be taught that fireworks are not toys.

Focusing on these key areas and creating a culture of safety can help ensure you have a good time all summer long.