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Volunteer award way to honor most deserving

The Lawrence County Commissioners got it right on both accounts: The concept of recognizing a volunteer and also the name of the award that will be given.

Earlier this week, when the commissioners approved an annual award to recognize a volunteer who makes a difference in the lives of our youth, some cynics would say that it was nothing more than a token effort or a political ploy.

Those individuals couldn’t be more incorrect.

This annual honor, named in memory of longtime Boy Scout leader Carl Colegrove, is a very positive move that can have a great impact and cost the county virtually nothing.

Those are two benchmarks that always are positive when met by the government.

The commissioners should be commended for making a commitment to recognize the men and women who selflessly give of their time to teach our youth and instill the values that will help build our world. Ohio University Southern Professor Bob Leith also deserves credit for leading the charge to honor Colegrove, a man who received a very prestigious distinction earlier this year when he was posthumously awarded the Silver Beaver award, the highest honor in scouting.

Volunteers and individuals who invest themselves in the well-being of Lawrence County are vital to our region. Many of these individuals avoid the spotlight and never seek to take the much-deserved credit they are due.

This move by the commissioners honors a man who fits that bill and others who do their part to live up to his legacy.