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Probation violators sentenced in common pleas court



Violating probation will send a South Point man to prison for 30 months, a Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge ruled Wednesday.

Dallas Bradshaw, of 297 County Road 15, South Point, was placed on probation after he pleaded guilty to attempting to commit burglary. But while Bradshaw was on probation, he was arrested and served time for crimes he committed in West Virginia.

He appeared before Judge D. Scott Bowling and said he knew what he had done was wrong but had hoped any prison time he received for his probation violation would be run concurrently with his West Virginia sentence.

He also expressed concern for his daughter and another child that is on the way. He told Bowling he was trying to turn his life around and had even taken colleges classes while he was behind bars in West Virginia.

“I’m sorry for everything I’ve done,” Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw was one of several people who appeared in Bowling’s court and admitted they violated their probation.

Michael Downs, 36, of 2212 1/2 Central Ave., Ashland, Ky., admitted he violated his probation by trying to use a container of someone else’s urine for a drug test. He also admitted he had not paid his court costs.

Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Mack Anderson asked that Downs be sentenced to eight months in prison. But Downs’ attorney, Mike Gleichauf suggested six months was sufficient.

“He did complete STAR (Criminal Justice Center program), and he did agree to the new charges. He did test positive for marijuana but he is supporting three children,” Gleichauf said. Downs followed Gleichauf’s comments with an apology and said he wanted to see his children before he goes to prison. Bowling sentenced Downs to seven months in prison and allowed him an in courtroom visitation with his family before he is taken to prison.

Wilburn Pauley, 48, of 653 County Road 15, South Point, admitted he violated his probation by being indicted on a new charge of tampering with evidence. Pauley was on probation for an earlier conviction on theft and breaking and entering.

Authorities said Pauley recently was caught bringing someone else’s urine to a probation office drug test. Bowling sentenced him to a total of 15 months in prison.

Samantha Wheeler, 23, of 2453 Hoods Creek Pike, Ashland, Ky., admitted she violated her probation by testing positive for marijuana and oxycontin use. Bowling sentenced her to a rehabilitation program at the STAR Community Justice Center and 200 hours of community service. Wheeler was on probation because she had pleaded guilty to charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

Robert Ferguson, of 408 Bradford St., Bridge City, Texas, admitted he violated his probation by not paying the balance of his child support. Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Jeff Smith said Ferguson owes approximately $11,700.

Bowling decided Ferguson must pay the entire arrearage by his July 11 sentencing or spend six months in prison.

Krista Giammarco, 36, of 614 1/2 Mill St., Ironton, admitted she violated her probation by getting arrested on new charges in Kentucky and through Ironton Municipal court.

Bowling sentenced her to five months in prison. Giammarco was on probation for an earlier theft conviction.