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Historical reflection must include all flaws

Like a recent letter writer, I too lived through the past 75 years of presidents.

FDR did many good things. One was to provide jobs to those who would work. Among the many other things were programs like starting Social Security for those who reach the age of 65.

But, from there, the writer of this letter seemed to only find fault with all the Republicans and gave a pass to the Democrats on everything that they did.

Well, some of the Republicans deserved to be called what they were, but what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

It was during JFK’s term that it was accepted and OK to have affairs while in office. During LBJ’s term the word welfare was made law so that a man or woman could sit at home and wait for a welfare check, never looking for a job, but just loafing. And, if you needed more money, have another baby and you would have more.

We are now in the third to fifth generation of welfare and many of these people wouldn’t work tasting pies in a pie factory.

As for the next Democrat, Jimmy Carter, he gave away the Panama Canal for nothing and unemployment and inflation was higher that it has ever been. He was a weak president allowing our embassy employees to be held captive for 444 days.

Then it was Bill Clinton’s turn to copy JFK’s antics while in the White House and lie about his involvement with “that woman.”

Which brings me to our present Democratic president, Barack Obama, or head of the czars he appointed to ruin our country. All the while he never takes the blame for his wrongdoings, but blames Bush for everything.

Bush did many things wrong, and Congress never tried to stop him. His motto was “give me what I want and I’ll give you what you want.” In 8 years, he took our country into debt an additional $5 trillion.

However, our Democratic president has taken us into debt $5 trillion and growing in less that three and a half years. Can we give him a big hand? He has single-handedly run up the most debt in our nation’s history, with no end in sight.

Homer Campbell