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County shows strength after heavy storms

It is often said that the true measure of a person cannot be found during the good times but instead during times of adversity. That same philosophy could be extended to government entities and emergency response agencies.

Lawrence County’s organizations showed their strength over the weekend after heavy winds and fierce thunderstorms caused massive damage to private property, public roadways and much of the county’s infrastructure.

Although recovery efforts are still ongoing, most accounts indicate that the Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency, the Lawrence County Engineer’s Office, the 911 office and the county’s ambulance service, among others, rose to the challenge and did the best they could to help those in need and provide the services required by citizens across the county.

First responders from the Ironton Fire Department, the Ironton Police Department, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and many of the county’s volunteer fire departments also were quick to answer the calls when needed.

Of course much work still remains to be done.

State and federal assistance will certainly help in these efforts and it is encouraging to see how all parties work together during times of crisis.