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Huisman, Davis take showmanship honors at dairy goat competition at fair

ROME TOWNSHIP — Celsey Huisman, of the Soaring Eagles 4-H Club, took home not only the grand championship trophy in the dairy goat show at the Lawrence County Junior Fair Sunday evening, she also earned the senior showmanship honor.

Megan Davis, of the Five-mile Frontiersman 4-H Club, took home the reserve champion trophy and earned the junior showmanship honor.

Judge Lee Ann Fuhrmann, of Scioto County, described Huisman’s nubian as a “nice little doe with a lot of dairy character” and praised Davis’ dry yearling for its rump and good hooves.

Haley Pancake took second place in the junior showmanship competition.

“Both did a pretty good job of getting the animals set up,” Fuhrman said of Davis and Pancake.

What is it about goats that hooked the two ladies? They could have brought hogs; they could have brought chickens; they could have skipped the livestock and brought another kind of exhibit.

Huisman said goats provided “a lot of fun.” Davis said she enjoyed spending time with goats because each goat has its own personality, like people. She should know: She brought three dairy goats to the fair. Camille is sometimes sweet but sometimes bratty,” Davis explained. “Snickers, sometimes she’s a boss and Bodega is sweet.”

The fair continues today in Rome Township. One attraction is the new fair barn and arena, which got Huisman’s approval.

“I love the new arena,” she said.

There are also new rides and nightly entertainment.