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Guys take lamb showmanship honors

Daniel Mootz (LEFT), 18, and Levi Cade (RIGHT), 13, took the senior and junior lamb showmanship awards Tuesday at the Lawrence County Fair.

ROME TOWNSHIP — This year’s lamb showmanship judge said he was looking for a competitor who was knowledgeable about the breed and could also handle the animal.

Daniel Mootz, 18, and Levi Cade, 13, met those requirements, taking the senior and junior lamb showmanship award Tuesday at the Lawrence County Fair.

Cade, a Starlight 4-H member, said out of all the different animals he has shown in the past, lambs are one of the most difficult.

“Just trying to get them broke and to lead good,” Cade said.

All the hard work paid off for Cade, who said the junior showmanship win felt “great.”

Mootz, a Gingham and Denim 4-H member, showed a lamb for the first time this year.

Mootz has competed with goats for the past several years and said he was a bit surprised to take home the senior showmanship award.

“(Lambs) are a lot stronger,” Mootz said. “I enjoyed working with them. It was more challenging.”

Both Mootz and Cade will return to the arena Friday to compete in the senior and junior showman of showmen contest.