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Civil War anniversary key to region

Bob Leith, a history professor at Ohio University Southern, is a walking, talking wealth of information about our past and he has more knowledge about the Civil War than any textbook.

So it makes perfect sense that he would help lead an effort to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the war that truly shaped our nation.

After seeing a variety of other communities in our region do a better job of marking the anniversary of the war, Leith began an effort for Lawrence County to do something to increase community awareness and showcase the region’s unique role in the war.

The teacher is now working with the Lawrence County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce to come up with a variety of ideas that could get the entire community involved over the next two to three years.

A planning session will be hosted at noon, July 18 at the chamber office in South Point. Non-profit organizations, civic groups and interested citizens who want to get involved are welcome to attend. Anyone interested should RSVP by Monday afternoon at (740)377-4550 or viviane@ledcorp.org.

It goes without saying that the Civil War was a pivotal point in our nation’s history and it is important that we understand how these events helped shape our region today.

Commemorating the anniversary of the war is not about living in the past but instead can be a way to celebrate our heritage, increase tourism and promote community involvement.

Those are all important components and Leith is the right person to help do just that.