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Congress mired in ineffective funk

Whether it’s partisanship or fundraising madness, his motivation is sound.

No matter why Rep. Steve LaTourette is retiring, the reason says something bad about Congress….

The nine-term Republican representative from Northeast Ohio said he has had enough of a Congress that no longer can compromise, making it impossible to formulate good policy.

Whether that’s his chief reason for quitting or not, LaTourette is right. Not only can’t members of Congress set aside partisan differences to pass even bills that should be nonpartisan, many of them don’t even think compromise is a desirable goal….

The shock and drama of LaTourette’s announcement will fade soon enough. His party will find another candidate….

And then what? More partisanship in Congress? More gridlock? More fierce fundraising battles to win chairmanships? Same old same old. Can you blame anyone for wanting out?

The (Canton) Repository