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Chesapeake’s citizens need full disclosure

It may be several weeks before parents in the Chesapeake School District know who the new superintendent will be, but they and the rest of the taxpayers in the village deserve to immediately know who the candidates are for the job.

The board of education is currently reviewing several applications for the top spot in the district and Board President Carl Lilly said a few really stand out, although Lilly declined to name any of the applicants.

The district should commit to immediately release these applications, although redacted to remove some personal information, to help ensure transparency in the process and allow citizens to see the same information that the board members do.

This approach ensures fairness and allows citizens to better understand why the board ultimately votes the way that it does.

This level of transparency helps eliminate nepotism, favoritism and personal agendas in school districts. Not to say those things have or will occur in Chesapeake, but it occurs far too frequently and full disclosure helps ensure that it does not.

The Tribune has informally requested these public documents and will formally make a Freedom of Information Act request in writing later this week.

Choosing the individual who will lead the entire school district is an important decision and one that citizens deserve to be kept fully informed from start to finish.