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Leaders can save us from ‘fiscal cliff’

Amid all the political bluster and campaign rhetoric that almost always comes during a presidential election year, a very important message was sent to Congress: Do something or our nation will likely face a recession in 2013.

While much of America is focused on the individuals who will be in office, we must not forget about those who are there right now. The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan group of financial analysts, released a report earlier this week that warned of more than 2 million potential job losses and another deep recession if a variety of pending fiscal policies are left unchanged.

“Without an agreement between President Barack Obama and Congress by January, tax reductions on virtually all taxpayers are scheduled to expire and spending cuts will be imposed on hundreds of popular domestic and defense programs. That would plunge the nation off a so-called ‘fiscal cliff,’ which each side is eager to blame on the other,” according to Associated Press reports.

Unfortunately our current Congress — Republicans and Democrats alike — essentially refuse to do anything at all out of fear that it will help the other party. The president must be willing to compromise as well.

It is time for the American people to stand up and take note of the partisan tactics and selfish actions that do nothing but stifle the growth of our country.

Everyone wants to talk about who will be the next president, but it will not make much of a difference if American voters cannot seat a Congress willing to work for the betterment of our country instead of the betterment of their party.