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Obama taking nation backward, not ‘Forward’

There have been many letters praising Barack Obama, but sorry I cannot follow suit. Anyone who isn’t blind, or on welfare, can see that he has been a four-year failure.

His stimulus package failed as there were no jobs ready which he said would create and his Obamacare will take $7.16 billion out of Medicare starting after this election.

Just check with any doctor about what will be paid in 2013.

Look at his stand on gasoline. It was $1.89 a gallon when he took office and is $3.83 today, another failure.

Who is better off? Those on welfare, or those who have had to take a minimum wage job just to get money to pay their utilities.

I was critical of G.W. Bush, who ran us into debt of $5 trillion dollars in eight years. It was $10.5 trillion when he left office.

However this president whom many seem to love has done much better than that.

As of today our debt stands at over $16 trillion dollars, of which Obama is accountable for more than $5.5 trillion dollars, in less than four years with no end in sight.

You who vote for this man cannot blame G. Bush anymore. You are voting for the man who will destroy our country.

So ,when it happens, you look in the mirror and say I did this myself.

The message this year is “Forward,” but he has taken us backwards the last four years of “Hope and Change.”

He has lied on all his promises of transparency in government, going against the Bible on his stance with homosexuals, saying he stands with them. These are his words not mine.

So stand with him, against God, and see who wins in the end.

Homer Campbell