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Physical Ed measures make grade

For decades many students depended on getting an A in gym class to help bolster their grade point average. That certainly won’t be an option for school districts when the state of Ohio adds a physical education measure to the annual state report cards.

This change will be implemented next year and is a positive step for the state as our society must look for a way to battle childhood obesity.

That starts with making it a priority.

Schools must assess how students score on the state’s physical education standards, including whether they know the correct way to exercise, understand how games are played, are active outside of school and play well with others.

As video games, the Internet and television continues to draw time from children, it is vital that physical education is emphasized at school and at home.

Budget cuts and staffing issues have forced many schools to reevaluate what they provide in terms of physical education.

This should be a good way to get a tangible measure of how local school districts are doing to address this problem that continues to impact the health of our youth.