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Burlington Jail project about preserving past

Lawrence County’s Bicentennial Project, Burlington’s “Old Jail”, has been rejuvenated and currently there is a fund raiser for Saturday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We are sponsoring a “Jail or Bail” event, and are asking our public servants and business personnel to participate by turning themselves in at the “Old Jail” located at the 7400 block of County Road 1 (behind Lowes of Burlington).

Bail to get out of “Jail” has been set at a $100 per individual. .

Warrants have been issued by the Historic Jail Preservation Corp, and “Wanted Posters” have been posted throughout the county.

With the proceeds from this event, we will once again get our “Bicentennial Project” back on track.

To understand what challenges we are facing, the public is invited to inspect the “Old Jail.” The Josiah Riley Log Cabin will be open for viewing.

We invite you to bring your family and enjoy the relaxing river view at the Burlington “Commons Park” while feasting on delicious food from our concession stand.

Once completed, the “Old Jail” will house an Underground Railroad museum and the early story of Lawrence County’s history.

We are counting on the support of the citizens of Lawrence County and our friends throughout the Tri-State to complete this very worthwhile project.


Ed Moellendick is chairman of the Historic Jail Preservation Corp. He can be reached at (740) 894-3085.