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Entire nation is suffering because of poor leadership

Here is a look at the United States of America in September 2012 with President Barack Obama as its commander-in-chief.

1. Closed coalfields in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and more. Won’t use Alaska’s oil rich fields, complete entire Keystone pipeline, or use our abundant natural gas reserves. (Brazil, after sending them billions of U.S. dollars, will be our salvation!)

2. EPA’s over-regulations, cap-and-trade, etc. Will allow our citizens to breathe cleaner air. Never mind the fact that we may die due to lack of heat or cool air as utility companies may double or triple our costs. (Our dirty-air jobs will be sent to China and other countries, as we don’t need these jobs!)

3. Every U.S. citizen must pay their fair share of taxes. If 50 percent are not paying any taxes, why? (Check the fall of the Roman empire!)

4. Churches no longer can practice their Biblical beliefs when trying to help Americans as the government tells them what they must do regarding birth control, food pantries, abortion, etc. If you speak out against adultery, same-sex marriage, living a godless life, etc., you are deemed a hate monger. (Would the Muslim brotherhood stand still for this?)

5. Both legal and illegals living in the U.S. can vote in this November election as the U.S. Department of Justice has forbidden several states to require voter ID, saying it is too expensive to obtain. (Check Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona and other states!)

6. Our missile defense shield is being dismantled while other countries are increasing theirs. So much for national security. (Go see the movie 2016)

7. Sequestration takes effect Jan. 1, 2013. According to Admiral Mike Mullen and General Robert Gates this will be devastating to U.S. ability to protect the United States and our allies, not to mention the untold deaths of our brave men and women because they won’t have the necessary training, latest technology, needed weapons; etc. (Don’t fear. Many foreign countries will rush to our defense. After all, have we not given them trillions of dollars borrowed from China?)

If the United States of America continues on the above path, may God almighty have mercy on our souls. (Wake up Americans! Open your Bibles. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14.)

Rebecca Hager

South Point