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Crews finishing up landslides, bridges repairs

As the country braces for what forecasters are saying could be billions of dollars in demages from Hurricane Sandy, Lawrence County is finishing up the last round of repair work from the debilitating rains of 2010.

Those May storms caused 153 landslides and damaged 148 bridges. That totals up to $14 million in damages that are all or partially eligible for funding from Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Highway Administration or the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Those not eligible for federal funding will be paid for by the county engineer’s budget.

Of the landslides there are 89 that are completed and were done by the engineer’s office. Nine larger landslides that must done by an outside contractor are under construction; nine other larger ones still must be bid out. Another larger landslide on County Road 2 is completed.

“This year we actually had a really good year for construction because of the dry weather,” Lawrence County Engineer Doug Cade said. “We went from one of the wettest to one of the driest. It has helped us to expedite getting some of these projects completed.”

Of the 148 bridges there are 31 remaining to be repaired. All of them are eligible for FEMA funding.

“A lot of that is that the structure is not unsafe,” Cade said. “It is maintenance and takes a couple of hours for repair. My guys have done a tremendous job with the equipment we have to repair as many of these in house as cheaply as possible and still provide quality work.”