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Comment period open for upcoming Lawrence County slippage project

As part of the Ohio Department of Transportation – District 9’s Planning and Engineering Department, the district’s Environmental Office is seeking public input on the following proposed project.

Lawrence County – LAW-775-13.04 (PID: 87393) – It is proposed to improve 0.1 miles of State Route 775 in Windsor and Mason Townships in Lawrence County to correct and prevent roadway slippage due to land slides. Some small trees and bushes will be removed as part of the roadway reconstruction portion of the project; however, none of the trees have habitat for the federally endangered Indiana Bat.

The project will need approximately 0.2 acres of temporary right of way and approximately 0.6 acres of permanent right of way. No homes, businesses or structures will be removed by the project.

Additional information regarding this project, including a complete project description, maps and plans sheets, is available online at www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D09/Pages/Public-Involvement-Process.aspx. Issues the public may wish to comment on include the effect on local residents, air quality, the local economy, and historic or cultural resources.

Written comments should be submitted by Nov. 27 or the deadline date that is posted on the web site, to:

Greg Manson, ODOT District 9 Environmental Supervisor, P.O. Box 467; 650 Eastern Ave., Chillicothe, OH 456701, E-Mail: greg.manson@dot.state.oh.us.