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UNSUNG HEROES 2013: Kelli Kearns

Unsung hero, Kelli Kearns

Unsung hero, Kelli Kearns

When I think of an “unsung hero,” I think of my daughter, Kelli Kearns.

Kelli has three children of her own and has, for nearly seven years, taken in three homeless children.

Kelli loved babies and one by one, while they were weeks old, she took them in to love and cherish.

Now, the last several years she finds out the little boy, now 6 years old, has a mental problem and that has really changed her home.

Three months ago, Kelli’s boy, 11 years old, has come down with St. Vitus Dance disease. Now Patrick can’t walk and has other problems. He has to be carried from house to automobile if the area isn’t be large enough for a wheelchair. Patrick can crawl on his hands and knees in the house. Other places, Kelli carries him on her back or around her waist.

Kelli has been so contented and been so caring through all the doctor’s appointments, therapy, even through rain or snow or the cold.

Kelli takes others to school and goes after them. She gives up her evening church services, and sometimes the morning services, but through it all, she tries to smile.

It would be nice for Kelli to be an unsung hero because very few know what goes on with her and her little family.

Thank you for caring.


— Martha Carmon