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Doctor has license suspended

The doctor whose clinic’s files were the subject of a recent search warrant has had his license suspended.

On Monday the State of Ohio Medical Board issued the suspension of the osteopathic medical license of Adam P. Hall, D.O., 39, of Powell. Hall was the physician at the Pinnacle Wellness and Longevity Center, 407 S. Third St., Suite B.

The suspension came after the board determined “there is clear and convincing evidence that he has violated the Medical Practices Act and his continued practice presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public,” according to a release from the medical board.

That decision was based on allegations that Hall only worked three or four days each month at the center and that he would “routinely stamp and/or pre-sign blank prescription slips for office staff to subsequently complete at a later date in order to provide patients with drugs, including controlled substances, prior to Dr. Hall’s return the following month,” the release stated.

Also working at the clinic was Kevin Bowers, a former doctor who had his osteopathic medical license revoked by the medical board in 2010. According to the release, Bowers is a convicted felon.

Currently Bowers cannot practice in the state of Ohio but could at a later date possibly be allowed to apply for a license again.

“With a summary suspension, you cannot practice as soon as that order was personally served on Dr. Hall (Tuesday),” Joan Werhle, of the state medical board, said. “He still has a license but cannot practice until the board issues a final disciplinary order.”

On March 12, records from the center were seized following the execution of a search warrant. The center had been the focus of an investigation by the office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine for the past year. Patients’ records were reviewed as well as patients and office staff interviewed.

Hall has 30 days from Tuesday to request a hearing before the board.

“At the hearing there would be an opportunity for the state medical board to present (their case) and the doctor his side of the story,” Werhle said. “Following the conclusion of the hearing an attorney hearing examiner writes a document report and recommendation that will be considered by members of the board and discussed in public session at a future medical board meeting.”

At that meeting the board will issue the disciplinary decision.

“This is a continued effort to fight crime and save lives,” Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless said. “Drugs are killing our loved ones. This is an effort to stop the free flow of drugs.”

A call made to the phone number listed on the Internet for the Pinnacle center went to a voice mail for a phone number with a Kentucky area code.