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Community tips crucial in drug fight

Another day, another headline about the bust of an alleged methamphetamine lab here in Lawrence County. This is becoming an all too common occurrence, but one that wouldn’t happen nearly as often without the help of the community.

The most recent case — and it is important to remember that all individuals associated with the arrest are innocent until proven guilty — was made possible through an anonymous tip provided to law enforcement.

The community is vital in this fight.

Anyone with information about suspected drug activity can call either the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at (740) 532-3525 or the Lawrence County Drug and Major Crimes Task Force hotline at (740) 534-5830.

These calls and the information provided are totally anonymous.

The reality is every agency in Lawrence County and the entire Tri-State has massive case loads and are understaffed. They rely on information from the public.

Citizens shouldn’t get discouraged, even if they make a call that doesn’t immediately result in an arrest. Building a case often takes time.

This is an important tool for keeping drugs off our streets and citizens shouldn’t forget that they can act as additional eyes and ears for law enforcement.