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Ohio senator speaks at Chamber luncheon

SOUTH POINT — Ohio Sen. Joe Uecker spoke to Lawrence County business leaders and politicians during a Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce luncheon Friday at South Point High School.

Uecker discussed a variety of topics that affect Lawrence County citizens, but focused primarily on jobs and state budget issues in Columbus.

“One of the things Governor Kasich has brought up is tax reform, and it did not escape me that I represent all or part of counties along the Ohio River that border Kentucky,” Uecker said. “So whatever happens in Columbus can affect your competitive nature with your neighbors right across the river.”

Uecker said it is important to realize Ohio, along with the Midwest, is moving away from a manufacturing economy and more toward a service-based economy.

He said because of this tax reform does make sense if Ohio governments wants to make sure it has enough revenue to deliver services to the people. Revenue, he said, is in the end just a nice way to say tax.

But services are important, Uecker said. And while he said he wishes Kasich would work better with the other branches of government, the governor supports what he is trying to do for the State and people of Ohio.

“If we can provide citizens with jobs, good paying, livable income jobs, we solve a lot of problems,” Uecker said. “Jails become less crowded. Courts stop bursting at the seams and while not everything gets better, a lot of things do. So I come out here whenever I’m invited because it’s important to let people know there are those of us in state government who are trying to help them achieve their goals, which is bettering their communities.”

The chamber typically holds a luncheon the fourth Friday of each month at various locations throughout the county, inviting politicians and business leaders to share their thoughts and knowledge with those in attendance.

There will be no luncheon in May due to the annual Legislative Day trip to Columbus on May 17.