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Cleanup about more than a day

Take this as one final plea to help Lawrence County shine this Saturday — and hopefully beyond.

The Great American Cleanup, led by the Keep America Beautiful organization and the Lawrence Scioto Solid Waste Management District, is set for Saturday and can make a huge difference in how our county looks, and perhaps more importantly, how citizens feel about the region they call home.

It is not too late to make a commitment to get involved in some way. Even those who do not wish to participate with a large group or meet at one of the centralized work locations that include Depot Square in Ironton and the Chesapeake Community Center can still give back.

Even just taking a little time to beautify your own property and the area around your house can go a long way.

Individual efforts like this help to create the overall presentation that Lawrence Countians care about where they live.

At its heart, that is really what this event is hoping to accomplish. It isn’t just about cleaning up one day.

The goal is changing mindsets and the entire culture, so that we live like this all year long.