Prayer day can bring us together

Published 10:09 am Thursday, May 2, 2013

Local recognition of today’s National Day of Prayer isn’t about denominations. It isn’t about promoting one faith over another. It isn’t forcing a particular set of beliefs on anyone.

The annual event, designated as the first Thursday in May by Congress in 1988, is simply about bringing our communities together to strengthen bonds and create a better sense of brotherhood through shared prayers for the greater good.

In today’s overly sensitive world, far to many people go to extremes on both sides of the religion issue. Some push their own beliefs so strongly as the only acceptable ones that they belittle all other viewpoints. While others fight so hard for the idea of separation of church and state that they miss the entire point and go too far.

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The National Day of Prayer — celebrated here locally at a variety of events — is simply about praying to whomever you choose, for whatever reason.

In the end, if we can find the common threads of all our faiths, we will be a stronger nation and stronger community for it.