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Turning to Jesus could heal our great nation

I haven’t written for a long time, but, my thought today became the thoughts of Jesus. He’s our Master, King of Kings, Lily of our valleys, the Great I am, and on and on I could write.

But, today I thank Him for allowing someone to paint a picture, that I growing up enjoyed the picture cards we received in our Sunday School classes.

It meant a lot to me as a child, and I still can imagine in my mind the picture “The Good Shepherd” or maybe “In the Garden.” It helped me as a little girl and still helps me today.

Years ago, I was a foster mother in Fairfax, Va., and years ago, I was a foster mother here in Lawrence County. In Heaven I will be more than a foster mother to millions of babies gone on before. I have always said, “If you want to find me after I have crossed over, come to the baby department for I’ll be there. Nothing more precious than tiny babies, their little hands and feet. So perfectly made, fingers and toes.

My thoughts today go back to a little foster child I cared for who couldn’t speak or could not hear. My daughter fell in love with his 3-year-old child and she’s the one who took him to Marshall several times a week for sign language.

She taught him the sign for “Jesus.” The child loved the pictures of Jesus.

We were traveling from church to church at that time, as my husband held revivals, so we were in many different churches. This one little country church had pictures of Jesus on all walls. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures.

As the little child sat on my lap, his little eyes were glistening. He would look at the different walls, looked at us, and he rejoiced as he sign languaged “Jesus.” “Jesus.” “Jesus.”

We were blessed before the service even started knowing one little child could say, “Jesus.” “Jesus.” “Jesus.”

Now, you know the rest of the story. Our beautiful world has some sick people within, but, the name of Jesus could heal this nation if people would turn from their wicked ways.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Martha Carmon