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Word of God trumps man’s laws every time

For once I can agree with Jim Crawford in that we all have the right to free speech.

However, in the church we only have the right to speak the word of God and what he says.

I totally agree with the church’s stand on why they canceled Mr. Leroy Butler’s appearance. Maybe you think he had the right to say what he did, and maybe he is a “church member.” However, there is a vast difference in a church member and a saved person. I could “join” most churches, but to be saved you have to have Jesus Christ.

The sad part of our society today is that they think God will accept you if you just join the church. This isn’t what the Bible says and many people do just that thinking they will enter Heaven no matter what they do or how they act or what they read.

Everyone has a choice, and everyone has the right to believe what they want to.

However, each of us will one day stand in the presence of God and give an account of what we said or did. The sad truth is that God has the final say in everything, no matter what we say.

God’s word condemns the act of homosexuality in both the Old and New Testament. You have a choice who you believe. Man or God?

I personally choose to believe God.

As I have written before, the acts of homosexuality are recorded in Romans 1: 25-28. This is what the church stands on — God’s word.

I stand on God’s word and will always stand on it, whether I can preach or not.

Homer Campbell