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American public oblivious to Democrats’ lies

Just what would it take to get columnist Jim Crawford to open his eyes to the truth?

I wouldn’t let a son of daughter of mine sit under him in any class. His statements about Benghazi are so blinded by his philosophy that Republicans can never be right, that only Democrats know the truth, or the way to cover up the truth is to make it a right-wing thing.

The truth on Benghazi is that, under Obama and Clinton, the security forces were taken away from the ambassador, even when all countries had pulled out.

However, Obama had said that after Osama Bin Laden was killed we had the terrorists on the run.

The talking points have been changed with no mention of terrorists, but a spontaneous uprising when it happened to our Embassy, but we were told don’t send in troops.

In other words, just let the people die.

They get on TV and send out phony baloney talking points that they know are lies. But, because they are Democrats, we are supposed to just say, “OK it has to be the truth.”

What a double standard we have here in America. When the Republicans say the same thing, it is a lie.

Richard Nixon was impeached for his cover up, but Bill Clinton’s, “I never had sex with that woman” was just a vast right-wing conspiracy. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi terrorist attack was nothing wrong.

What will it take to open your eyes to lies put forth by Democrats?

With “Fast and Furious” gun running to Mexicans, the IRS targeting any group that was against Obama, phone taps on journalists, what else will come out?

Homer Campbell