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Fireworks more than just for fun

Sometimes in life it is the littlest things that end up making the biggest difference.

That certainly seems to be the case with Ironton having its own fireworks display Friday, courtesy of the Friends of Ironton and other organizations that want to see the community prosper.

The event, set for dark at the Center Street Boat Landing, will mark the first time Ironton has had a fireworks display in the city in well more than a decade.

And this free event will serve as yet another excellent event to bring the community together and instill pride in the direction the city is going.

The Friends, Ironton alive, city leaders, the Ironton Eagles and others who have made this possible deserve applause for all the money and hard work that goes into putting on an event like this, which is more about pride and fellowship than anything else.

Now it is up to the community to come out and support the fireworks show but also to act responsibly while enjoying the entertainment.

Memorial Day is a special time here in Ironton and Lawrence County. For 145 years the parade has been a staple.

Hopefully, the Ironton fireworks will become the start of a new tradition that lasts just as long.