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Cashier’s kindness shows best of human nature

I want to say a public “thank you” to the very kind lady who checked my little grandson and me out at the Coal Grove FoodFair store earlier on May 22.

We stopped in the store to buy some last-day-of-school treats for my grandchildren and a few items my mother needed. I grabbed $22 out of my wallet and left my debit card in the car.

As we entered the store my grandson asked for a quarter for the bubblegum machine. I told him we would have to get it as we left the store because I didn’t have any change.

I left that in the car, too.

When we checked out, our total was $22.11. I explained that I would have to go to the car and get some more money. That’s when the dear lady working at the store pulled out her own change and said, “I’ll take care of it.”

She then handed a quarter to my five year old grandson saying, “I heard you promise him this.”

It is difficult to explain what a blessing that small gift of 36 cents has been.

I am normally easily embarrassed. Where money is concerned I am easily mortified.

That dear lady did her good deed so quietly and graciously I didn’t feel anything but gratitude.

She also taught my grandson a precious lesson in the importance of the small kindnesses we all have the opportunity offer one another every day.

I just wanted to say, “Thank you.”

Kay Kingrey

Coal Grove


Repair shop helped fix more than just vehicle

I want to take a minute to, first of all, say “thank you” to the Tackett Auto Repair Shop for the wonderful job they did on my car. It truly looks brand new.

But that’s not why I’m writing. This little shop, in downtown Ironton, treated me with such kindness, it helped me get through a bad time, in the best way possible.

I highly recommend this little auto repair to anyone who needs trustworthy people to oversee the job at hand.

Thanks again to Vicky, Jack, Brandon and all for a job well done.

Our little town of Ironton has a lot to offer people.

Donna Wooten