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Chamber is working for the county

Lawrence County’s businesses and government entities have to understand that the Chamber of Commerce is essentially working to help them. But, now it is time to help the chamber.

As the leadership at the business organization begins the process of filling its now-vacant director position, the plan is to evaluate what is expected of whoever is in that role and how those goals can be accomplished.

This is a smart move by the Chamber and also the perfect time for this self reflection. The position, in all reality, should be full-time and become more of a marketing position.

That appears to be the direction the Chamber is leaning and it is a wise choice.

Lawrence County has historically not done the best job promoting itself and the myriad of great things going on — in our region as well as across the state and nation.

This would also allow the new individual more time to work directly with businesses and to become an even greater liaison with the Chamber’s partner agency, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation to focus on what can be done to help businesses succeed or grow.

Paying for these changes may take a combined effort of more support from businesses as well as contributions from government entities within Lawrence County that all stand to benefit from promoting the region and the growth that could come from it.

Finding the right person, as well as the right responsibilities, will be crucial moving forward.