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Agency helps families with special needs

A man was boating on a river when his boat began to sink. After being in the water for some time the man began to get tired from treading the water. He began to cry out for God to save him.

Not long after he prayed another boat came by and a man yelled for him to climb into the boat. He replied that he was waiting on God to save him.

Then he looked up and saw a helicopter hovering over his head. A ladder descended from the helicopter and the man was told to climb aboard.

“Thanks, but I’m waiting on God to save me,” he said.

Next, a man who was fishing on the shore saw him and threw him a lifebuoy, but the man would not take hold of it.

Finally, he sank below the surface of the water and drowned. When he arrived in Heaven, he asked God why He didn’t come and save him. God told him that he had sent him a boat, a helicopter and a lifebuoy.

Are you a family who has a child with a disability or special needs? And are you crying for help?

Well, I am happy to tell you that God has sent help to Lawrence County through an organization called Appalachian Family and Children First.

The council coordinator told me that the council’s mission is to help children succeed, one family at a time, not just by providing services but by bringing community and agencies together to find solutions.

He went on to say, “In essence, we are an organization that provides extensive service coordination to families who have children with disabilities or special needs. Where most agencies work specifically within the confines of one area, we coordinate several types of services for the Lawrence County population.

“To sum it up, we are the glue that binds service coordination together to fill in gaps in services that other agencies cannot provide due to inability or lack of funding.”

In short, the organization works hard to get you the help you need. I have a child with special needs and this organization has helped me beyond my wildest dreams.

If you are a family who is crying for help, I beg you to contact Appalachian Family and Children First located at 604 Carlton Davidson Lane in Coal Grove. The phone number is (740) 237-6007.

James Kearns