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Church has vision that helps world

For the Rev. Jan Williams and the congregation at the First Presbyterian Church in Ironton, recycling is a way to both lessen the impact on our environment as well as do good work in the community.

The church recently celebrated the milestone of having raised $10,000 through these efforts, money that has gone to a variety of social-needs organizations including the Ironton City Welfare Mission, Harvest for the Hungry, the food pantry of the downtown churches and Marion Medical Mission.

The church and its entire congregation should be commended for this hard work and commitment to making a difference. This is exactly the type of vision that our community organizations must have to accomplish great things.

While money is important, it often overshadows the value of just doing the right thing and getting involved.

Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu essentially said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

That approach will be what makes the difference when it comes to safeguarding our entire planet’s health for generations to come.