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Annexation not right — right now

Annexation of any part of a community isn’t something that should be taken lightly, as it often isn’t embraced by citizens and requires excellent communication by everyone involved.

Those factors appear to have doomed the village of Chesapeake’s plan to incorporate the property to its west right from the start. Village officials have backed off the plan because many citizens and local government leaders opposed it.

Although the annexation plan certainly had some merit, this effort was destined to fail from the beginning because the mayor and council didn’t communicate in advance their plans to the township trustees or the county commissioners, who would ultimately would have had to approve the move.

Any time annexation becomes an option those seeking to take over management of another area must show indisputable evidence how it will improve the lives of those who live there rather than just improve the coffers of a particular government entity.

That didn’t happen in this case.

Would it have been the best move for the village of Chesapeake and the residents who live just outside the village’s western border? Maybe. Or maybe not.

The bottom line is that village officials need to rethink the entire process and whether or not it would benefit citizens before trying again.