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How will new bridge handle truck route?

After the Tuesday, June 18 noon meeting of the Ironton Lions Club, I drove over to look at the work in progress on the construction of the Ironton-Russell replacement bridge. I paid particular attention to the fine work that is being done on the Ohio approach.

After my viewing the question of the “truck route” from the Ohio entrance to the state highway(s) came to mind.

I stopped by the Ohio Department of Transportation field office at Third and Adams streets and talked with the state people who were in the office about my question. They were extremely friendly and very helpful.

As of now there is no “truck route” from the bridge entrance on the Ohio side. There is nothing in the works to put “truck route” in after the bridge is completed.

This results in no truck usage of the bridge. This may or may not be a good thing, but it is what is or is not coming.

The streets of the City of Ironton are not designed to support 18 wheelers carrying large loads. If the semi’s do travel the street they will tear the streets up because of the loads they carry.

If the street are torn up, they will need to be replaced and the cost of the replacement will be born solely by the good people of Ironton. If it is not a state highway the state will keep its purse strings drawn tightly.

I have not seen any report in The Tribune of any action taken by our city council to address the issue of what happens to the trucks and what type of fines will be imposed or how the police department will be able to handle the situation which will require monitoring 24 hours, seven days a week.

My question now is, “What is next?”

W. Richard Walton