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Property owners still owe taxes

Lawrence County property owners may receive tax bills a little larger than anticipated but their ultimate responsibility hasn’t changed or increased.

This will be most noticeable for citizens who paid their entire 2013 taxes and will now receive an additional bill because the Collins Career Center tax levy was left off the previous billing due to what amounts to a clerical error. Individuals who only pay the first-half taxes will see the omitted part added to their second-half taxes.

Although this is certainly an unfortunate circumstance that winds up costing the county money for additional mailing expenses, it really isn’t that big of an impact on property owners.

No one is being asked to pay more than they would have had the error not occurred.

The levy was approved by Lawrence County’s voters and will have a tremendous impact on the vocational school’s future. It may be inconvenient, but those who say it isn’t fair are off base.

In the end, property owners have to meet their obligations — even if the county makes a mistake.