Pastor chronicles life in the ministry

Published 9:32 am Friday, June 21, 2013

Calls it an exciting ride


Nearly 50 years ago, Hoyt Allen Jr. and his wife Shara welcomed Christ into their hearts and were baptized as Christians, and they said the decades have been exciting to say the least.

Allen recently completed a book chronicling his and Shara’s life in the ministry. Titled, “Exciting Life In The Ministry,” he said the book covers his life from almost the cradle to nearly the grave.

“I was working in a steel mill in northern West Virginia when we were baptized in ’63,” Allen said. “I knew I needed more education so I started preaching in a country church and started at Kentucky Christian College. I received my bachelors there, which gave me a good foundation to get into the word.”

Allen would eventually continue his education until he received his doctorate of ministry from Lake Charles Bible College. He said he has been lucky to have his loving wife with him throughout the years because she has always been his pillar.

“When I did my graduate work she encouraged me and helped me the whole time,” Allen said. “She did all that, worked with the church and was a good mother to our two children.”

Allen said he’s thankful he and his wife became Christians at the same time and it has been amazing to have such support from his spouse.

Shara said she has enjoyed the ride and would not have taken a different path for anything.

“If I were a teenager I would say it’s been awesome, but that’s not a good explanation for an adult I suppose,” Shara said. “There’s been ups and downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs. When one of us would get down, the other would be there to pick them up. We’ve been a team all the way.”

And as a team they have traveled all over West Virginia and Ohio spreading their religion.

The Allen’s are currently in Chardon where they are teaching vacation bible school and continuing building relationships between that ministry and the KYOWVA Evangelistic Association. Allen said age is catching up with him, but he still gets excited and energized when spreading the word.