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Obama is going to destroy our nation

Well, President Barack Obama really spelled out just how he will ruin the economy, cost thousands of jobs, raise our electricity through the roof and cause us to rely more on the Middle East for our crude oil.

He has showed he cares very little for the working man, the person who pays the taxes.

By his plan to have the EPA regulate the coal fired power plants, he shows that he cares nothing for the coal miners, nor how they make a living, nor for the consumers who will have to pay for them to convert their plants by passing the cost along to the consumer.

If we have a country when he leaves office we will be fortunate, as we have gone into debt since he has been in office more than $7 trillion dollars and are going deeper every day.

By the time this man leaves office, he will have single-handedly have caused more debt than all presidents before him combined.

What will it take for the Democrats to open their eyes? George Bush isn’t in office and can’t be blamed for his reckless spending.

Barack and Michelle have traveled all over the world at taxpayers’ expense, taking separate vacations, spending millions of taxpayer dollars at our expense, and yet saying he is for the middle-income man. HA HA.

They think nothing of taking trips to countries, at our expense, and campaigning in Air Force One at our expense.

Let a Republican do what he is guilty of and the country would be screaming wrong, wrong. But, again, he’s a Democrat and that’s OK.


Homer Campbell