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Part of Eastern Kentucky Military Historical Society Roundtable Series

SHLAND, Ky. — Fighter pilot William C. Lambert, born in Ironton, in 1894, ended World War I as America’s second-leading Ace with 22 confirmed victories. Only Eddie Rickenbacker, another “buckeye,” scored more with 26. Yet, Lambert chose to live in obscurity, his record not discovered for nearly five decades.

This engaging presentation hosted by the eastern Kentucky Military Historical Society and presented by Bill Martin, who was a personal friend of Col. Lambert, will offer some insight regarding this pilot’s remarkable life.

This meeting is a part of the EKMHS’ Military History Roundtable, which is a series of meetings on the second Thursday of each month where local military history events and persons of interest are presented to the public free of charge.

The Eastern Kentucky Military Historical Society is a community organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Kentucky Military History.

The group is full of local historians, military enthusiasts, and, most importantly, veterans of every conflict from World War II to present. in addition to the Military History Roundtable, we host monthly coffee breakfasts, presentations and field trips.

The lecture will be 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center in Ashland.