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Nation is blind to flaws of ‘Obamacare’

Just how dumb do the Democrats think the American people are?

I don’t know whether the Democrats think this is a good move, but the best move would be to dump “Obamacare” completely.

The Supreme Court says that it is nothing but a large tax on both the companies that have workers (50 or more) and the people who have to buy insurance.

If you have a job that this year is part-time, next year if it is 30 hours or more, you are considered full time. You will have to have insurance or pay a large fine.

It is no wonder Obama wants to delay it until after the election, as this is 100 percent a Democratic bill. Not one Republican voted for it in the House or Senate.

Obama bribed enough Senators  in order to get this bill passed.

What about anyone on Social Security? You may have trouble getting a doctor to see you as Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals will be cut drastically. Already some doctors have either quit or retired.

You will have to have a supplemental insurance plan, for which the premiums have already gone up this year and are expected to nearly double next year, after the election.

It will affect those who just have Social Security and are having a hard time now just to get by.

Those are who I truly feel sorry for.

But it is the Democratic party that will be responsible for hurting everyone, and senior citizens will hurt the most.

It is time to get back to responsible government, quit spending money on every country, quit funding the Egyptian army and cut aid gifts to countries that don’t support us.

It is time to take care of America first, then help others when our budget is in line with what we take in.

Quit the harassment of The Tea Party or any group that doesn’t  like what you stand for.

Again, will you be foolish enough to support the enormous tax package in 2014?

When those who rely on a paycheck have to buy their own insurance, or pay a penalty every year for not purchasing insurance, maybe you will open your eyes to this fiasco called “Obamacare.”

Homer Campbell