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City residents must have an active voice

Ironton residents should speak now or … be faced with a variety of fundamental changes within the city.

The Ironton City Council is currently considering several laws that could have a significant impact on the city right now, its residents and even the community’s future. Most have only had first or second reading, meaning that there is still ample opportunity for citizens to let their voices be heard by attending a council meeting, making a public statement through a letter to the editor or contacting a councilman or councilwoman. Proposed legislation includes the demolition of Memorial Hall, allowing golf carts to be driven on city streets and, perhaps most important, eliminating term limits for the city’s mayor position.

A recent committee meeting focused on the condition of the city’s parks and could lead to important issues for citizens including renewing the city’s recreation levy.

City council meetings are often poorly attended — or not attended at all — and elected officials often translate this is an endorsement for the actions proposed. We simply do not think that is always the case.

Ironton residents need to stand up and allow their voices to be heard. The next opportunity will be at 6 p.m. July 25 in the council chambers.

The alternative is sitting on the sidelines until it is too late and being somewhat stuck with changes to which many citizens may not agree.