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Waste district deserving of latest honor

The Keep Ohio Beautiful organization couldn’t have found a more deserving recipient when it recently honored the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District with its community award.

The district does tremendous work to keep both counties clean and looking presentable. Efforts include litter removal, recycling, countywide beautification effort, the household hazardous waste disposal event and many others.

Some people within the community may feel that the district and its former operator in the Ironton-Lawrence County Community Action Organization both took proverbial black eyes from the ongoing dispute over the split of assets but that really isn’t the case.

Both organizations are simply standing their ground and supporting the position they feel is correct. It doesn’t appear that the ongoing rift has influenced either organization’s ability or willingness to serve the community.

Keeping Lawrence County clean isn’t a one-day project. It is something that must be a constant focus.

Perhaps the most important thing the solid waste district has accomplished is begin to change the mindset when it comes to recycling and litter prevention.

In southern Ohio this has never been viewed as important, a priority or even feasible. The solid waste district continues to work to change that.

Dan Palmer and his staff should be proud of the accomplishment but know that their highest honor is seeing people take ownership of keeping Lawrence County beautiful.