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ODOT officials missing point on spending

This is concerning the Doug Cade, “Red Tape” article. ODOT representative Kathleen Fuller seemed very defensive in her reply to our county engineer.

However, her response contained a “classic bureaucratic opinion” that basically summed up the problem with all government — federal government, state government, county government and municipal government.

When discussing the fact that more than $8,000 was paid to try and save $400 dollars on land acquisition. Ms. Fuller says, “That money was not paid by the county, that money came from highway funds.”

Oh, forgive us, that makes it all fine and dandy to waste $8,000 because that money was collected from ghosts.

It is ghost money. It is probably even white instead of green and it has pictures of live presidents on it.

Bottom line is, it shouldn’t take seven years to move dirt on a road project. You shouldn’t pay $8,000 to save $400.

Government needs to understand that we are broke and status quo of wasteful spending has to stop.

Ms. Fuller needs to know that money came from Joe and Bill and Cindy and Becky.

It came from single mothers and elderly people on a fixed income. It came from veterans and businesses trying to make ends meet. It didn’t come from a billionaire named Highway Funds.

Thank you, Doug Cade if you save all these people even $1. Thank you.

Joe Freeman

South Point