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Obama continues deceiving Americans

When the President of the United States stands up before we the people and tries to say the truth is a lie, we are in trouble.

This man says he’s a Christian, and all that he does, and has done, is lie, lie, and lie some more. His latest is to say the Republicans are putting out “phony stories.”

What do you call “Benghazi?” Where is the phony story of it?

Where is the phony story of the “rogue agents” of the IRS that supposed to have only targeted Tea Party applicants? What is phony about that?

What about “Fast and Furious,” the gun running to Mexicans that cost the life of an American border agent?

His “Obamacare” was to help everyone, however it’s a massive job killer, and caused our insurance to go up nearly 35 percent.

Where is accountability for this president? For him it is conveniently absent on all four scandals.

The more he says the more he lies to us, knowing that he has lied.

I would assume that his co-partner in Benghazi left the state department so the blood on her hands would dry off before she runs for president in 2016. There has been nothing but a cover-up since Obama took office.

Where is leadership in the Democratic party? Had this been a Republican with this many scandals he would have been impeached long before now.

Now Obama is trying to say the Republicans made this up, never happened. Does he think we are blind? What about the people who died because he couldn’t send in security people or we would know that he had lied again.

Oh, I forgot, he is a Democrat and they never make any mistakes, never do anything wrong. It is just the vast right-wing Republicans that are saying all those phony stories, again.

Phooey twice.

Homer Campbell