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Ro-Na looks to shine for city yet again

The Ro-Na Theater has come a long way in recent years and its most visible characteristic — the marquee — is getting a facelift to go along with the significant work that has been done on portions of the inside.

The Friends of Ironton, the grassroots civic organization that has put countless volunteer hours and quite a bit of money into the revitalization of the former theater in downtown Ironton, deserve credit for all they have done.

The ongoing project also includes restoration of the second floor as well as the entire auditorium, but the group has made huge progress and portions of the theater are now very functional. Of course the City of Ironton and the Ironton Port Authority deserve praise for initial investments that helped get the ball rolling, but the Friends have really run with it from there.

The Ro-Na will be on display the weekend of Aug. 15-17 during the Rally on the River event. Hopefully citizens, even those who aren’t interested in the motorcycle event, will take the time to check out the Ro-Na to see how far it has come.

Without the Friends, almost without question, the building would have fallen in on itself by now or gotten to the point where it could no longer be used for anything.

All the investments will be worth it as the theater continues to regain some of the shine it once had as a jewel of downtown Ironton.